About us

A private collection of 7.777 unique hand-drawn arts pieces collected on the Ethereum Blockchain. All NFTs are created only by hand without automatic generation. Artist – Maya Delia.
Only the lower batch will be on permanent sale. Also, each new batch will be placed on sale for 10 days.

What is the reason for this:
Firstly, I want to focus new buyers on the lower batch so that our flow price is constantly rising.

Secondly, your Hans for sale are not visible among thousands of others and this does not allow you to sell them effectively. Now your resales will be more accessible to buyers.

Thirdly, at the moment the Open Sea does not allow me to put up for sale for a period of more than 3 months, which forces me to put up for sale every nft again, and this is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

If you like some Hans from the “middle”, you can make an offer according to the price in his story and I will accept this offer. It will also save you from the gas commission.

Since all NFT are created only by hand, we decided to unload them in batches 100 pieces

1 Drop – Sold Out (price 0.005 ETH) number 1-100

2 Drop – Sold Out (price 0.02 ETH) number 101-200

3 Drop – Sold Out (price 0.06 ETH) number 201-300

4 Drop – Sold Out (price 0.09 ETH) number 301-400

5 Drop – Sold Out (price 0.1 ETH) number 401-500

6 Drop – 25% Sold (price 0.11 ETH) number 501-700

7 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.12 ETH) number 701-800

8 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.13 ETH) number 801-900

9 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.14 ETH) number 901-1000

10 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.15 ETH) number 1001-1100

11 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.16 ETH) number 1101-1200

12 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.17 ETH) number 1201-1300

13 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.18 ETH) number 1301-1400

14 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.19 ETH) number 1401-1500

15 Drop- Available on OpenSea (price 0.2 ETH) number 1501-1600

16 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.21 ETH) number 1601-1700

17 Drop – Available on OpenSea (price 0.22 ETH) number 1701-1800

18 Drop Soon

Our project is honest, real, with real people, all social networks develop honestly, without cheating bots, without automatic generation of the NFT collection, creating all NFTs only by hands, only hard rock
🔥 When we say that our NFTs are created completely only by hand, we mean that they are even assembled by hand, every NFT, every element! No repetitions in color, everything is created by hand, no automatic generation, only hardcore!

🤯 Where else will you find such crazy people who will decide to create all NFTs only by hand? It will take 1-1.5 years to create all 7777 NFTs! Just think about what kind of project you have in your hands!

📹 I attach a video of the NFT assembly process. And I will share such videos more often on our social networks

Each NFT is created only by hand!

20% of monthly profit divided between verified holders in discord so more Hans you have means more paid you get

Get 7%* of primary sales every month just by owning the Legendary Hans

Increasing floor Price with every batch

Award for being active in discord and its refreshes ever month so all members have equal chance for it

Giveaway before every drop

After the full sale of this collection payments will continue from secondary sales

Launching the next collection after the full sale of the current collection, both collections will be linked together

Best community you can find in NFT space

And there are many more prizes in our roadmap

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