Get Royalty

Incredible news for all verified Hans holders! Friends, our Hans’s will bring you a steady income from this day on!

Every month, 20% from primary sales, will be allocated, which will be distributed among the owners, the more Hans you have, the more you will make a profit!

After the Sold Out of all NFTs, we will increase the royalty to 10% and continue to allocate 20% of all profits between all Hans holders in our discord

In order to participate in receiving payments, you need to:
1. Have at least one Hans on your wallet

2. Sometimes we reset roles, but we warn you about this in advance, please visit our server at least once a month from the 1st to the 5th to know for sure that your role has not been reset holders verification

Commands for working with a bot that will send you cryptocurrency in our Discord
Start writing commands to this bot (Write a Direct message to this bot) $balance eth – check your wallet balance


$withdraw eth – to withdraw ether from discord to your wallet (After entering this command, follow the instructions of the bot)

Other commands
$deposit eth – top up your wallet balance


$tip @name 0.00001 eth – send money to any user. (Where @name is the name of the user you want to send money to, 0.00001 eth is the amount you want to send)

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