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the CryptoHans
🀩 Get up to 80% of the total income
of the two collections just by owning Hans NFT!
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The CryptoHans includes two
Hans collections, Special Hans and
Main Collection
Get up to 80% Royalties from Total Income Hans in Main and Special Collections!
Just buy Hans and get the ETH that the author received from the total income! Be active in our Discord and get CHC coin for it and exchange them for items in our store. Take part in quizzes, answer questions and get ETH. Get into your collection a unique piece of art that is created by hand
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Here's what our strategy looks like in short
  1. Our club includes two Hans collections, the income from which is distributed among the owners (80%). So both collections support each other.
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  2. All benefits are aimed exclusively at the owners of Hans.
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  3. Actively participate in the life of our collection and exchange your activity in our store in Discord, get ETH, Hans NFT and other NFTs!
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Here is what we have
planned for this project.
Start minting for Hans Holders (Launch 31 October)
First of all, mint will be available to our first holder from the last collection.
You can find the minting schedule in our Discord. All owners of Hans from the old collection will be able to mint twice as many Hans, the minting is free (the price for gas is paid by the owner).
Revealed all Hans NFT. The rarity of each Hans will also become available for viewing.

Public Mint (Close)
We limit the minting by time 5 months, after this time we burn all Hanses that have not been minted.

Start of public mint: 1 April 2023 at 10 AM CET
End of minting: 1 September 2023 at 10 AM CET

Total number of minted Hans in the main collection: 1 768 NFTs
Store is Open!
We have opened a store for our owners!

Collect CHC coins (in channel our Discord), increase your activity in our Discord and social networks, do not sell your Hans below $50 and exchange your activity for any items in our store, namely ETH, Hans NFT and other NFT!
Sold Out
After Sold Out or in case of successful promotion of our collection, the Payment of royalties for Hans Holders will be increased (Total 80%):

50% shared among Special Hans Holders
10% shared among Legendary Hans Holders
20% shared among Holders Hans from Main Collection
New Collection "Special Hans"
Special Hans – ETH collection (Max Supply 777) for active supporters of the Main Collection.
βœ… We will send you a Special Hans by ourselves.
βœ… Handcrafted NFTs only - no generation.
βœ… 50% monthly income (Sales/Resales) for "Special Hans" NFT owners.
βœ… Access to ⁠store (in our Discord) with special items.

Special Hans has 3 rarity levels:
πŸ”΅ LVL 1: Rare Hans with +10% income
πŸ”΄ LVL 2: Unique Hans with +15% income
🟑 LVL 3: Epic Hans with +25% income

More info in our Discord!
This is our team of creators of the CryptoHans project

Zaur Shogenov Founder, marketer

Victor Shibut Web developers

Maya Delia Founder, Artist

This is our artist! Maya Delia drew our Hans NFT
Maya has been working in the digital field for more than 14 years, had experience working with world leaders such as Geely, Lukoil, Rosatom, Rostech, etc. She has created a CryptoHans collection of more than 600 items, is constantly in Discord and is ready to answer your questions and suggestions.
Frequently Asked
  1. I am the owner of a Hans from an old collection, how can I mint my Hans for free?

    - Unfortunately, you are late, Dates of the mint: 7 November - 26 February.

  2. How to mint?

    Public mint is closed! Main Collection - SOLD OUT! You can buy Hans from Main Collecion or Special Hans on OpenSea. Link in website Menu.

  3. How do I connect to the server?

    Go to the section βœ…β”‚verification (in our Discord) and click on the reaction βœ… under the picture with two horses