About Collection

The CryptoHans is a collection of 7,777 unique generated arts united on the Ethereum Blockchain. Artist: Maya Delia.

CryptoHans is a unique community for Hans owners with advantages:

Become the owner of Hans and get special privileges in our Discord

56% of the total sales and resales amount is shared among all Hans NFT owners each month* according to the amount of Hans on their balance by tipping on our server.


Legendary Hans

14% of the total sales and resales amount is shared among the owners of the Legendary Hans NFT each month* (a total of 7 Legendary Hans).


Reward for activity for Hans Holders

Communicate in our Discord in chats and get a tip at any random time. After tipping for activity in our discord, all the ranks are reset and we start over. Leaderboard https://mee6.xyz/hans-leaders


Quiz for Hans Holders

Don’t miss our quizzes, answer the questions correctly and get ETH.



We will constantly hold giveaways, in which we will distribute various gifts!


Sold Out

After the full sale of this collection, gratitude in the form of a tip payment* will continue from the income from secondary sales.


30% of Income

25% of the remaining amount of income will be directed to the development of the project. The author of the collection earns only 5% of all sales.


Next Collection

Launching the next collection after the full sale of the current collection, both collections will be linked together. Each owner of Hans NFT will get early access to the new collection, and the owners of the Legendary Hans will receive a Legendary NFT from the new collection as a gift.


Basic strategy:

1. The cost of minting will increase every 500 minted Hans (the next price for a public mint will be 0.15 eth).

2. All benefits are aimed exclusively at the owners of Hans.

3. If you want to get Hans for free, then you need to fulfill all the conditions of the white list, the participants are selected manually.


If you want to become a holders of our project, you can:

1. Minting Hans right now: https://mint.cryptohansclub.com/

2. Fulfill all the conditions of the whitelist and mint Hans for free