Frequently Asked
  1. I want to buy Hans, how do I do it?

    Hans is an NFT and he is being sold for cryptocurrency (ETH). To purchase, you need to have a crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask. You can do this directly on the OpenSea website when registering... The link to the collection is on the main screen!

    Each new batch will be placed on sale for 10 days.
    What is the reason for this:
    1. Firstly, I want to focus new buyers on the lower batch so that our flow price is constantly rising.
    2. Secondly, your Hans for sale are not visible among thousands of others and this does not allow you to sell them effectively. Now your resales will be more accessible to buyers.
    3. Thirdly, at the moment the OpenSea does not allow me to put up for sale for a period of more than 3 months, which forces me to put up for sale every nft again, and this is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

    If you like some Hans from the "middle", you can make an offer according to the price in his story and I will accept this offer. It will also save you from the gas commission.

  2. Why does NFT have one price specified, but asks for more from the wallet?

    When performing any actions on the Ethereal network, area (gas) is charged. This is the commission that goes to the miners who provide the Ethereal network with computing power. It is the cost of the commission that is added when making a transaction.

  3. Is the price of gas always this high?

    The lowest gas price is in the morning (For Europe) If the gas is high, the network is simply overloaded and you need to wait.

  4. Нow much will each batch increase?

    The cost of each Hans after the release of a new batch will increase by an indefinite amount or percentage. It all depends on the speed of redemption of the previous batch.

  5. How does the prize lottery work?

    Lotteries will be held only among Hans holders... Since only Hans numbers participate in the random shuffle, the chances of winning are greater for those who have more Hans... After determining the winners, we will double-check the compliance of the owners, their wallets and involvement in the project. All prizes will be sent anywhere in the world, and the main prize (Porsche Tayсan) we will hand it over personally!

    Important! To participate in the drawing, you need to be a member of the Twitter and discord community!