Frequently Asked
  1. I am the owner of a Hans from an old collection, how can I mint my Hans for free?

    - Unfortunately, you are late, the mint for holders has already passed, but you can open a support ticket and write us your wallet address, we will whitelist you as a latecomer and the mint will be available for you later. Check the dates of the mint for you in our Discord.

  2. How to mint?

    - It is enough to go to the the top of this site (on the first screen of this site, the "Mint now" button). Next, connect your wallet (the corresponding button), then select the required amount of NFT that you want to receive. Carefully read all the information on the mint page before any action! If you are going to mint from Coinbase or any other wallet, please read this article:

  3. How to get into WhiteList?

    - You need to fulfill a number of conditions, which you can find in our Discord in the "whitelist" section.