1. ✅ Start minting for Hans Holders (Launch 31 October)
First of all, mint will be available to our first holder from the last collection.
You can find the minting schedule in our Discord. All owners of Hans from the old collection will be able to mint twice as many Hans, the minting is free (the price for gas is paid by the owner).
2. ✅ Reveal
Revealed all Hans NFT. The rarity of each Hans will also become available for viewing.
3. Public Mint (Start 1 April at 10 AM CET)

We limit the minting by time 5 months, after this time we burn all Hanses that have not been minted.

Start of public mint: 1 April at 10 AM CET
End of minting: 1 September at 10 AM CET

The cost of minting will increase every 500 minted Hans!

4. ✅ Store is Open!

We have opened a store for our owners!

Collect CHC coins (in channel our Discord), increase your activity in our Discord and social networks, do not sell your Hans below $50 and exchange your activity for any items in our store, namely ETH, Hans NFT and other NFT!

5. Sold Out

After Sold Out or in case of successful promotion of our collection, the Payment of royalties for Hans Holders will be increased (Total 70%):

40% for all Hans owners
10% for Legend Hans
20% for Hans owners from a “Special” collection

🚀 Start of public mint: 1 April at 10 AM CET
🎇 End of minting: 1 September at 10 AM CET

6. New Collection "Special Hans"

:Crown~1: Get a Special Hans from the new collection, which is created manually.
The Hans in this collection will be divided into 3 levels of rarity, it will be possible to get a Hans from this collection by fulfilling special conditions, it is impossible to directly buy or mint such a Hans (only on the secondary market).

✅ You get a random appearance of the new Hans, which is created manually, also your Hans will be assigned one of three levels of rarity, and you can set any name for Hans NFT, which will be displayed in the collection “Hans Special”.

✅ 13% of the total income shared among the owners of the “Special Hans” NFT each month* (max supply 777).

Opening a “Special Hans” collection: 1 April at 10 AM CET

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