1. ✅ Start minting for Hans Holders (Launch 31 October)
First of all, mint will be available to our first holder from the last collection.
You can find the minting schedule in our Discord. All owners of Hans from the old collection will be able to mint twice as many Hans, the minting is free (the price for gas is paid by the owner).
2. ✅ Reveal
Revealed all Hans NFT. The rarity of each Hans will also become available for viewing.
3. ✅ Public Mint (Start 5 December 2022)

The cost of minting will increase every 500 minted Hans (the next price for a public mint will be 0.15 eth).

4. Store opening (in progress)

We will create a store in our Discord where only Hans owners will be able to buy goods, among the goods there will be discounts on Hans, other NFT, ETH and much more, all this owners will be able to buy for our internal currency in our Discord, you can earn currency only by activity, write in chats, be active in our social networks, make reposts, sweep the floor, and so on.

5. Sold Out

After the sold-out, the holders privileges will be applied in a different order (For more information, see the Discord). A new collection will also be created, in which the presale will be available to all Hans NFT holders.