Legendary Hans

Among all 7777 Hans NFT, 7 absolutely legendary Hans will be released, which have distinctive features, namely:
1️⃣ Absolutely all properties of these NFTs will never be repeated, these NFTs are absolutely unique!

2️⃣ Additional passive income of 7%* received from initial sales is paid every month + holders passive income 20%

*We have allocated another 7% of the initial sales, which will be distributed among all holders of the legendary Hans! But if only one legendary Hans is bought, then you get all 7% until a second holder appears, then you will divide 7% for two, and so on. At the end, when all the legendary Hans are sold, each of the owners will receive 1% of the entire profit of the collection

3️⃣ After the sale of all 7777 NFTs, passive income will continue to come from secondary sales!

4️⃣ After the sale of all 7 absolutely legendary Hans, each of their owners will be given a guaranteed surprise gift!

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